Car crash in Tucson: The first meeting with an injury lawyer

You suffered severe injuries in a car crash in Tucson. If the other driver was clearly negligent or reckless, you might have a valid injury claim. This is true even when you have a part share in the fault. In the ideal world, getting compensated for your injuries doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. However, insurance companies rarely offer a fair settlement, and their representatives often adhere to tactics to deny claims or tell you to contact us for a “fair settlement”. Your best bet is to hire a Tucson auto accident attorney, and in this post, we are sharing more about meeting a lawyer for the first time. 

  1. Be honest. Were you speeding or distracted? Arizona’s pure comparative fault rule allows you to recover compensation for your damages, even if you are more at fault than the other driver. However, your settlement will be reduced by the percentage of your fault. Let the lawyer know if you believe that you could have been at fault or are unsure of what actually happened. This allows the injury lawyer to offer a fair assessment of your case. 
  2. Share the details. Your lawyer will want to know about the accident in-depth and if you followed the protocols. If a crash resulted in death, injury, or considerable property damage (worth $1,000 or more), involved drivers must report the accident. For example, when you didn’t report the accident and ran away from the scene, this could largely impact your case. Your lawyer will want all the relevant details, including evidence, police report, and photos of the accident scene. 
  3. Discussing the case. If your damages are not extensive, your lawyer may recommend filing a case with your insurer for compensation. However, every case is different, and it makes sense to know the possible scope of your car accident claim. Experienced injury lawyers can explain the pros and cons of your decisions and options. 

How much does it cost to hire an injury lawyer?

Most injury lawyers in Tucson and the rest of Arizona work on contingency. The lawyer will get paid only when they win the settlement for you. There are no upfront costs, and you can expect to get an overview of the expected compensation amount. As a client, you should enquire about other costs related to the case, which the injury lawyer can pay on your behalf until the insurance company pays you. 

Check online for the best-rated injury lawyers in Tucson and get an appointment. 

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