Can I Try Slots Online for Free? 

We all love online slot games. That’s why you’re reading this article in the first place, right? But any of us who have tried browsing for a new online slot game to try recently will likely have found that there is an absolute abundance of choice, almost to the point that there is too much choice and you just do not know what to play at this point. 

There are slot games for everything, whether it be raiding an Ancient Egyptian tomb, playing with rock & roll stars or even accompanying a sheep to the moon. And as good or exciting as a slot game theme can be, it might also be the case that the slot machine underneath it is boring – play todayy.

What Makes a Slot Game Good? 

There are a few boxes that have to be ticked, in our opinion, for a slot game to be considered a really good one. Not only does the theme have to be exciting, for example, but it also has to be presented with cool graphics that make it playable. 

On top of this, we like a slot game with a decent max win, a solid RTP of over 96% on average, and some great bonus features thrown in there as well such as wild symbols or scatters that give way for some free spins. 

But how do we find out whether an online slot game ticks all of these boxes without putting down any of of our money to spin the reels and try it our for ourselves? The answer to that question is simple – demo slots. 

What are Demo Slots? 

If you, like us, are the ‘try before you buy’ type of online casino player, then look no further than the world of demo slots to help you save some cash while you embark on a quest to find the perfect slot game to play. 

Demo slots are put together by the manufacturer of the full, real cash slot so that players can have a look at what the gameplay is like in advance of spinning real money on them. 

Sometimes, demo slots will be a bit limited in terms of the features available, but at least you can get a good idea for what it feels like to play these slots, and whether or not you want to spend your own real money on them or not moving forwards. 

Where Can I Access Demo Slots? 

Developers such as Yggdrasil Gaming will offer demo slots on their own website for the majority of their games, but some casino game developers are reluctant to do this for some reason. 

If you can’t find a demo slot for the slot game that you have your eyes on on the website of the developers who produced it, you could always try a Google search for the slot with the word ‘demo’ at the end as you may find it on a casino site or on a blog somewhere.

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