Can I Play Through My Casino Bonuses on Table Games? 

There are many different kinds of bonuses in online casinos. If you do not understand them in detail, you will end up confused, misunderstand rules, and probably end up losing a lot of money – try Megaways slots.

Hence we have prepared this article to tell you about how you can use the bonuses to play casino table games and win.

Types of Bonuses

We will just go briefly through the different types of bonuses that you can use to play casino games: 

  • No Deposit Bonus

This is the easiest kind of bonus that you receive once you register a player’s account and verify it. Some casinos might require you to make a deposit before you can play through this bonus.

  • Match Bonus

This is the bonus you get when you deposit money at the casino. It is usually given to beginners who are making their first deposits.

  • Sticky Bonus

This is a casino bonus that you can wager, but you cannot withdraw the bonus. It basically means free cash to play with, and once you satisfy the playthrough requirements, you can withdraw your winnings after subtracting the bonus amount.

  • Exclusive Bonus

These are characteristic of particular casinos and could be any of the above kinds of bonuses.

  • Loyalty Bonus

These are given to players who are playing for a long time at a particular casino and have achieved a certain stature. 

What Does Play Through Mean?

No matter what kind of bonus you receive, all bonuses will come with a playthrough requirement which will have to be fulfilled before you are allowed to withdraw your winnings. We will try to demonstrate the playthrough requirement through an example. 

Let’s assume you are playing at an online casino that has the rule that you have to wager your deposit and bonus 20 times before you are able to withdraw your winnings. So if you deposit £200, you will receive a £200 bonus. Now you have £400 to play with, and you must bet this £400 twenty times before you can withdraw your winnings. 

So you have to place £8000 worth of bet before you can withdraw money. This is basically the gist of the playthrough requirement. 

Some Possible Variations of the Playthrough Requirement

The wager rules vary from casino to casino, and you must be aware of them in detail if you want to play through your bonuses in casino table games. Some possibilities include: 

  1. A casino might have the rule that you have to wager your bonus a fixed number of times. Following the example given before, you have to wager your £200 twenty times, which means £4000 worth of wagers, before you can withdraw money. 
  1. Nearly all casinos have rules that prevent you from using your bonus in certain games. For example, many casinos exclude blackjack from playthroughs. So even if you reach the required number of wagers, you will not be able to withdraw your money. 

Other casinos might allow you to play blackjack via your casino bonuses but will have a higher playthrough threshold. 

Final Thoughts

If you are aiming to play through your casino bonuses at table games, what you must ensure is that you read the terms and conditions in detail before you begin. You have to have an elaborate idea of the playthrough requirement and the list of allowed games in order to withdraw your winnings.

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