Bloom and Groom: 5 Flowers to Have in Your Garden

The Pandemic has made most people find different hobbies and new interests. Some re-awakened or practiced more their love for painting, making music, dancing, and even planting. Are you one of those who ventured to gardens? One can’t be blamed for that since blooming and grooming these live therapeutic colorful plants can get entertaining and fulfilling.

This list of lovely and beautiful flowers would provide an idea of what flowers to add to your garden and give brief information on growing and caring for these flowers. Most of the flowers in this list are easy to grow and easy to manage. Be sure to read attentively because here are five flowers to have in your garden:

Azalea Flowers

This is probably the easiest flower to care for in this list. One can pretty much plant them in any garden. For more details on how to properly care for them, please visit These flowers come in different colors that one would indeed not have any trouble finding a variety that would suit one’s liking. For them to become healthy-looking, one needs to find the right spot in their garden.

Keep in mind that Azaleas are planted in lightly shaded places; heavy sunlight might burn them. Azaleas should be planted in spring, the time where the temperature is not too hot and not too cold, in other words, just right for them to bloom healthily. These shrubs have short roots, and one has to make sure that the soil is well-drained and acidic. Raise soil beds if the soil is poorly drained. Apply fertilizers to ensure that they would not have nutrient deficiency.


Did you know that 2021 is designated as the “Year of the Sunflower”? Yes, you read that right. The National Garden Bureau in the U.S. has declared this year to be that. So, it might not be a bad idea to grow several sunflowers in your garden as a celebration. Sunflowers are very popular because of their attractive and expressive color. They are known for being heliotropic, which means that they turn to where the sun was, is, and will be throughout the day.

One needs to make sure to plant them in a sunny spot; they’re not called Sunflowers for anything. Well-drained soil is good for them. Water them once a week unless the weather is too wet or too dry. One must spoil them with fertilizers such as aged manure and compost since they are heavy consumers of nutrients in the soil. Getting them the proper nutrients they should have would increase the chance to be healthy after 80 to 95 days.


These cute tiny flowers give one an optical illusion of having a “face.” Their heart-shaped petals come in a variety of colors that will make your garden lively and colorful. Plus, they are edible. They have this minty flavor that would add an accent to your salad. It is best to plant them during spring and fall. Pansies prefer to be placed where they can have direct morning sunlight and shaded during the afternoon sun.

They are short-lived plants that last only about eight (8) months, but they do come back each year, and one could plant more if they want. A common reason why most people fail to make Pansies bloom is they don’t water them regularly. One has to be keen in giving them fertilizers; buy an all-purpose fertilizer, not the nitrogen-heavy one, since it would cause foliage. Remove dead flowers; it will encourage the plant to bloom more.

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These are short-lived flowers. They only bloom for two months, depending on the climate. They have to be planted during cold months and in cold places. Snapdragons love to be lighter shades as they won’t bloom more often in heavy sunlight. Make sure to water them well during the blooming season.

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Snapdragons emerge from seedlings in just about 8 to 14 days. However, to make them bloom more, one has to remove used or dead flowers to encourage the plant to produce new flowers.

Morning Glories

The name says it all; these vibrant flowers will surely make your mornings as they bloom consistently every morning. The estimated blooming months of these flowers are from June to October, and they come back on their own every year.

For starters, morning glories prefer to be in warmer climates, so before planting them, one has to make sure the threat of frost is not imminent. They can get aggressive since they grow rapidly, so one needs to find the best spot in their garden to accommodate its mature size. Additionally, consider that they have to be in full sun to bloom perfectly.


Most of the flowers have their own blooming time. Don’t be sad if some of them are dull in certain months. That means it’s not their blooming season. Keep in mind that flowers are in their best appearance if they are well taken care of and well-groomed.

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