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Bathroom vanity store “New Bathroom Style” believes a bathroom in a dwelling is one of the most sought-after rooms, so its decoration should be practical. The situation becomes more complicated when it is separate. In this case, its area is small, and all the required elements should fit. The main communications in the form of water supply and sewerage are often laid in this room. They pretty much spoil the look. Walling them up tightly will not work, so you need to find a solution that will allow you to reach a compromise. One of them is the use of blinds. If you need unique bathroom vanities or 24″ or 36 inch bathroom vanities, welcome our web bathroom supply store and make your choice.


Installing blinds for a sanitary cabinet in a bathroom has its advantages, and in some cases, such a product turns out to be an indispensable assistant for the following reasons: free air circulation; ease of care; partial soundproofing; space-saving; free access to communications; pleasant appearance; long service life; additional storage space for accessories. A bathroom is considered a room with a high level of humidity. Moisture condenses most often on pipes, which leads to corrosion processes. If they are closed tightly, they will completely fail. Blinds provide free air circulation, which means that moisture will be removed, saving you from mold and wastage for repairs. The surface of the blinds is smooth, so it is easy to clean, which is important for this room. The noise of pouring water through the sewer pipes can be heard when the apartment is quiet. If you install blinds on the plumbing cabinet, they will provide partial sound insulation, which will reduce the sound level. This is especially true in cases where the riser was replaced from cast iron with plastic. Using standard swing doors for a plumbing closet, but in this case, they take up more space when opened. Blinds have a folding design, so they assemble at the top, opening up free access to the pipes. The latter may be required when taking readings from meters, as well as for repair work. Thanks to the installed blinds, the appearance of the toilet is transformed. A sanitary cabinet can store detergents if the space inside is properly organized. There is no need to build additional cabinets in the bathroom in this case.


Blinds for a sanitary cabinet in a bathroom may differ depending on the design. Most often used: conventional blinds; roller shutters. The first option is ordinary blinds, which are matched to the color of the main finish and hung in the required place in the toilet. This option looks attractive, but the sound insulation of ordinary blinds is worse than that of roller shutters. The roller shutter is a design similar to that used to protect showcases in stores, only in a smaller version. A drum is mounted on top, where the roller shutter is twisted, if necessary, to open the plumbing cabinet. The appearance of the roller shutter is more attractive than that of ordinary blinds, but the roller shutter also costs several times more. The differences also lie in the material used to make the blinds. It can be plastic; metal, wood; the cloth. Plastic is a fairly suitable material to be used in the toilet without much difficulty. Polymers do not react with water, so you don’t have to worry about blinds failing for this reason. The appearance of the blinds is difficult to distinguish from their metal counterparts. Plastic is easy to clean, but it is important to be careful what cleaning products are used, as the abrasive can leave deep scratches. Plastic products have a wide range of colors. The cost of this version of the curtain is the lowest. Metal blinds are also convenient and have a long service life for the aluminum version. There is an option to choose not only a certain color but also to apply a print that will additionally decorate the interior of the toilet. The cost of the product can also be considered affordable. An additional advantage is the absence of deformation with humidity and temperature changes. Blinds can also be made from wood. In this case, solid wood or pressed sawdust is chosen as the basis. The appearance of wood is always pleasing to the eye. There are also painted options that are easier to combine with the general background of the finish. Wood has good soundproofing properties, which is important for a sanitary cabinet. It is better to use such solutions when the home is finished in a classic style, or there is wood in the finish. The disadvantage of a wood product is its sensitivity to changes in humidity. In this case, the lamellas can be deformed so that the canvas will have to be completely replaced. The issue is solved by the lack of wet cleaning and the periodic replacement of the paintwork. Advice! Fabric options for blinds can also be used for a plumbing closet. Roman blinds look good in this role. But the cost of such products does not justify itself. In addition, the fabric is more difficult to care for, and it gets dirty more often and faster. Depending on the direction in which the blinds open, they can be vertical; or horizontal. The most common is the second version of the blinds. The design implies a horizontal arrangement of slats, which, if necessary, open the cabinet and are shifted upwards. If these are ordinary blinds, they are assembled into a small bar, and the roller shutters are wound on a shaft. Roller shutters can be powered if the ceilings are too high, and it is not possible to manually open the roller shutter to the top. In the first version, the slats are arranged vertically. In most cases, they can rotate around their axis, and if necessary, open the cabinet, they are shifted to the right or left side. Advice! Vertical blinds are best avoided in bathrooms with high ceilings and small spaces. In this case, the canvas will further narrow the area, not contributing to comfort.


Blinds and shutters are made to order. On the one hand, this makes it possible to perfectly fit the design to the size of the sanitary cabinet. On the other hand, certain knowledge is required as to how the measurements are taken. It will be easier to use the help of specialists from the company that will be engaged in the manufacture of blinds. Often this service is provided free of charge. If this is not possible, then it is necessary to take measurements guided by the recommendations given by the manufacturer. In addition to choosing the material from which the structure will be made, it is necessary to decide on its fittings. Although the blinds in the toilet will be used infrequently, this does not mean that you should purchase the cheapest fittings. The usage environment is different from a normal window, so it’s not worth saving. This also applies to roller shutters since their replacement in the event of a breakdown will cost even more. Before installation, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the painting and the presence of damage on the canvas. If this is not done, it will be almost impossible to make a warranty claim. The process of installing plumbing blinds is shown in the video below. Advice! When installing a roller shutter, the drum is usually installed with the backside so that its main part looks towards the pipes, so the space will not be cluttered.


As you can see, sanitary cabinet blinds are one of the best solutions in terms of practicality and functionality. If desired, you can mount such blinds yourself. To work with roller shutters, you will need a power tool and instructions from the manufacturer. The use of blinds for a sanitary cabinet is also possible in a combined bathroom. Only in this case, the option with roller shutters looks better. There is no need to install blinds to the entire height of the cabinet. Part of the space below can be bricked or covered with drywall, which will save on the overall cost of the structure.

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