Best Leadership Development Training Activities to Develop Your Team’s Skills

A successful leader runs the organization while considering all his team members.  The leader is successful when the team works efficiently and the team can only work efficiently if it is guided by a smart and intelligent team leader. In this growing world, every skill requires a brush-up and needs to be updated with the latest things. Leadership skills can be improved by participating in various leadership development training activities organized by the organization.

Every organization wants to grow and that can only be possible if they have an efficient team leader. To improve the skills of their existing team leaders and to allow the new members, the company organizes leadership development training activities to identify which ones deserve and how much amount of brushing is required of them. These activities help the leaders to learn various things and implement them in their routine to handle the team members efficiently.

Let us check out the list of leadership training activities that are helpful for the growth of an organization.

  1. Survival Plan: In this activity, the participants are divided into different groups. Now all the groups are given a situation where they have to survive some extreme conditions like a plane crash, being stranded in a desert, drowning in a ship, etc. They are provided with the list of items that they are going to pick to save themselves and other team members. Once they choose from the list, they are asked to explain why they have selected that particular item. By listening to the details, you may identify the problem-solving, decision-making, and creative skills that are essential to have in a leader.
  2. Build a Survival Ship: This is another fun group activity in which the members are divided into teams and each team is asked to build a boat from the scrap. Once the boat building is finished, now they are asked to remove an item from the boat one by one while other members have to stand there till the end. This is a great leadership activity that enhances communication, management, critical thinking, and team bonding skills among the team members.
  3. Solve the Situation: This activity is particularly designed to analyze your problem-solving, analytical thinking, and responsibility towards the organization. In this activity, one of the team members is invited to the cabin and given some situation related to their working environment. The person has to come up with some solution to handle that situation. You may be given a situation like what will you do if an organization loses a client because of your negligence and not following the procedure appropriately? How are you going to explain this to your senior? Remember that the answers provided in such situations can affect future promotions very badly.
  4. Walking Blind: It is a fun activity in which the members are divided into teams. One team member is blindfolded and he/she has to pass a path full of obstacles under the guidance of other team members. The team members guide them using the words left, right, backward, and forwards and this is how they complete the task successfully. It is a fun activity to encourage trust, communication and listening between the team members.

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