Best Apps to Start A Career in Big Data Analytics

We have witnessed a rapid rise of the usage of smartphones and mobile app users in the past two decades. Mobile apps have taken the place of desktop software. Mobile apps have changed the way specific tasks are performed. Now you need not visit a restaurant to order and prepare your food, you’ll do that by sitting in your home by using food ordering apps with only one tap.

That is why mobile app users love how everything has become so convenient. With every mobile app developer thinking about how to make it easier for the user to do what they want, it has come to mean that users can not only order whatever they need everywhere, but also reach wherever they want from anywhere, courtesy rideshare and cab apps! In the same vein, people now also use mobile apps to extend their knowledge base in any field they’re curious about. There are many apps that provide users to find out about the newest technology and the way to use that technology in order to kick start their careers – for example, doing big data analytics!

Data Science has been touted as the foremost evolving technology that’s changing the planet and also how businesses work. It is the foremost trending career option and has many high paying jobs in today’s time. It is a critical job involving insights extraction from large data sets.

Such highly technical jobs require acute app development and high memory spaces to carry out the analysis tasks, but now many mobile apps are in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to review data from anywhere and at any time. Before trying to get hired by data analytics businesses, applicants should make sure that they use mobile apps to ensure that they have the proper knowledge and the skillset as well as some experience regarding analyzing big data.

Check out the list below of such top mobile apps used for learning & practicing Data Analytics:


Python may be a programing language but it is used for analytics, too. Python offers a number of benefits in comparison to other programming languages, as many app developers in Australia can testify. You’ll learn this language from the comfort of your home. The app is out there for Android users only, though. It’s a really highly rated app in the Google Play Store and is compatible with Python 2.7. The app executes Python codes and documents from QR codes.


A mobile app that’s designed in such a way that it can train your brain to reinforce your data analytics skills. Each session will contain 3 free sessions per day. The mental activities that are given to you for practice are chosen on the idea of your past performance once you start using the app daily. The previous day’s activity determines the practice questions that you’ll be asked.

Elevate helps boost mental productivity & uplift analytic skills. Get the pro version if interested.


A customized game and brain educational program to challenge your reasoning skills. The app helps you improve in areas like mathematical abilities, logical reasoning, and reading & writing. These training sessions are very addictive as they challenge you to enhance your mind and do more. Within the basic version, you get only 3 exercises but if you’d like to do more, subscribe!

Other apps you can use for data analytics self-training are Udemy, MathWorkout, Programming Hub, Excel Tutorial, Basic Statistics, Probability Distribution et cetera. Learn well and prosper!

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