Benefits of Culvert Balloon In Construction

In engineering and construction, the installation of hollow structures is inevitable, especially during the construction of tunnels, bridges, side ditches, irrigation works, and other roof-related structures. They are common items applied in construction manufactured in different sizes and shapes to suit the constructor’s needs. This article reviews the benefits of culvert balloons in construction.

This is a balloon made of a cylinder bag which is rigid and inflatable and used in forming components of concrete of different types. It comes in different types and sizes with the common ones including; pipeline, oval, trapezoid, round, or even hexagon. These shapes are determined by the types of shapes of concrete required for the construction purpose.

1. Very convenient

This refers to its ability to operate with ease requiring minimal labor and time. They can be operated by a small workforce and do not require special skills and training to be operated. They required little investment and quality and remarkable results. It ensures also the economy of space during storage as it can easily be folded to lessen the space required in storage and transit.

2. Portability

Transportation of the balloons is easy and cheaper. During the construction of trenches, they can be shifted from one area to another with ease and the action of inflation is a simple task that can be performed by an individual. This gives workers morale and motivation to construct many culvers. This factor has influenced its domination ability in construction and engineering.

3. Resistant to extreme weather conditions

Weather conditions ranging from rainfall to sunshine don’t affect the functionality of the culvert balloon. Exposure to Ultra Violet rays does not make it tear down easily unlike other materials. It can regulate extreme heat while still maintaining its flexibility and stretching ability. Moist conditions also do not make it leaky or difficult to inflate they do best in these conditions.

4. More durable

The balloon is designed with specific aims to withstand pressure however strong. It is composed of three strong layers of rubber and fabric. Two of the layers are rubber and one of them is fabric. The innermost layer is made up of synthetic polymer to withstand the external and internal respective pressure. It is also made elastic and flexible to avoid snapping.

5. Has a warranty

It is normal for inconveniences to occur which can expose a person to purchasing a faulty or malfunctioning item. This case also can occur during the purchase of the balloon. A warranty is a written agreement guaranteeing replacement or refund in case of malfunctioning within a specified period. This increases the sense of security when using the balloon.

6. High degree of safety

As much as construction sites are full of accidents, a significant amount is reduced by the use of balloons. Unlike other equipment used in making concrete, balloons bring no harm when they accidentally fell on a person. A person is not also hurt when he or she falls on it as it is buoyant. Its operation doesn’t lead to the formation of blisters as it has no significant pressure.


It is important to make a decision based on the work requirements. A conclusion that will entirely fulfill your wishes. It is also important to make research concerning the type of supplier to trust and make a cross-examination of each product in comparison with other suppliers. This article is of great essence for anyone ready to buy this balloon.

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