The Bail Deviation Program is a free service available to process bail reduction for defendants taken into custody without a warrant. Ventura County has set up two dedicated hotlines to address all such appeals. The Program’s hours of operation are between 6:30 AM to 1:30 AM on all days of the week. The Felony Bail Computation Worksheet asks for the name of the arrestee and the alleged offense(s) committed. It then uses a series of questions to determine the bail amount, accounting for the highest bail sum for multiple offenses. Continue reading to learn more about how bail amount is calculated.

Base-Bail: Firstly, the highest schedule amount is mentioned, along with the code and section number. The base bail will be unofficially set at the very beginning, ideally at the police station from the jailhouse schedule. As soon as this sum is made known, contact reliable 24/7 bail bonds Ventura County services for a fast release from jail. Keep in mind the legal fees and attorney bills you have to bear for the trial. Therefore, the best option is to secure a guaranteed release at just 10% of the amount. Moreover, handling the entire process on your own can lead to unnecessary complications and delays.

Enhancements: After the base amount is fixed, $40,000 may be added if the offense was committed as part of gang activity. If a firearm was discharged by the arrestee, $1,000,000 is added if it caused Great Bodily Injury (GBI) / death. If it did not do so, $20,000 is added instead. If the firearm was only possessed or displayed as a threat, $50,000 is added. For usage of other weapons, $20,000 is added.

  • If the arrestee has a prior history of a serious or violent felony(ies), $50,000 is added per conviction. If the current alleged offense is violent, $1,000,000 is added at once.
  • For prison terms during the past 5 years, $10,000 is added per term. If it’s an alleged hate crime or the victim is from a vulnerable population, $25,000 is added.
  • Finally, if the base bail is less than $1,000,000 and the above enhancements were not applicable, but the offense carries possible life imprisonment, $1,000,000 is added.

Total Bail: All enhancements are added to the Base Bail to calculate the total bail due. This is the presumptive value that can be modified as per the judge’s discretion. Thus, it is not surprising that often, total amounts cross $50,000.

Police Affect Bail Amounts: Unfortunately the police tend to book the accused of the harshest offenses that can be supported with reasonable suspicion and facts available. For instance, the police may treat possession of a small amount of drug (considered a misdemeanor in California) as the intent to sell drugs, which is a felony in all states. Despite these charges being reduced to a misdemeanor in court, later on, it is considered a felony while setting bail using the schedule.

No matter what the individual circumstances be, a trustworthy bail bondsman is experienced enough to deal with any case. Contact your nearest bondsman and gain the benefit of a hassle-free bail process.

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