Ask ‘Bol Behen’ Anything About Your Health And Wellbeing

It’s 2022, yet women’s health and wellbeing still don’t get the space and platform they should to raise and discuss questions and concerns. Non-profit Girl Effect is trying to change this with their chatbot ‘Bol Behen’. The Bol Behen chatbot, an artificial intelligence-powered tool, has been made available on WhatsApp to reach the masses. Its main aim is to assist young girls and women with health concerns and queries.

What is Bol Behen?

Bol Behen is a chatbot available on WhatsApp. It’s equipped to answer questions related to women’s health, wellbeing, relationships, and sexual and reproductive health. Modelled like an older digital sister, Bol Behen seeks to provide a safe space to girls and young women who have questions and doubts regarding their health but may be hesitant or embarrassed to ask an adult. The bot can chat in English and Hindi, enabling it to reach a large and diverse population. Young girls can easily ask any questions related to female health and wellbeing, and the bot will assist them with answers to the best of its ability. Bol Behen is the perfect amalgamation of an educational and interactive tool which takes the best of both to empower girls and answer their questions with fact-based and science-based information rather than dabbling in taboos and myths.

Access to Bol Behen

While it is a tool meant for all girls and young women, it specifically targets those who reside in regions that have access to low-level technology like basic smartphones and slow internet connectivity. It’s these women that Bol Behen aims to reach and empower so that they can take their health and well-being into their own hands. Accessing the chatbot is a simple process and requires only a few steps. There are two ways to chat with Bol Behen. First, you can send a text saying “Hi” on the number +91-730449661 on WhatsApp. Alternatively you can visit this link for an invite.

The WhatsApp chatbot is Girl Effect’s second collaboration with a Meta owned company, the first being its launch on Facebook messenger. After tremendous success and reaching several girls through Facebook messenger, the chatbot has been launched on WhatsApp, where the reach is wider.

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