Are Fruit Slot Machines Bonuses Free?

Over the last several hundred years the casino gambling world has witnessed a monumental amount of significant changes, with new games such as roulette and fruit slot machines continually making sure that the overall industry never stops growing. Whilst roulette was a huge reason behind the emergence of super casinos in the 1800s, there is no arguing with the fact that slot machines have had by far the biggest influence 

Charles D. Fey’s Liberty Bell design is commonly said to be the world’s first genuinely commercial slot machine, however due to the illegality of gambling at the time it took a while for it to truly kick off. But here’s the thing: the illegality of gambling at this time wasn’t all bad, and it actually ended up inspiring the classic world of fruit slot machines. Want to know more about this? And whether fruit slot machine bonuses are free at We suggest you keep reading! 

A history of fruit slot machines: Why fruit? 

Before we get into whether or not fruit slot machine bonuses are free, we thought it’d be interesting to learn a bit about the history of fruit slot machines in particular, as you don’t often hear about exactly why they were created. Charles D. Fey’s Liberty Bell didn’t have any allusions to fruit, however by the first couple of decades in the 20th century they were everywhere.

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The reason why? Well, gambling was illegal in America at the time, so slot machine engineers had to find innovative ways to keep the population spinning the reels. They came up with the fruit slot machine, something that would pay out little fruit sweets, and had fruit icons on the reels, hence the name! 

Where can I play on fruit slot machines? 

These days fruit slot machines are quite literally everywhere, even though most people prefer to gamble on the more popular regular slot machines, or online slots. If you want to play on a true fruit slot machine your best bet is to go to a pub or bar, because in most cases these establishments will have a so-called fruity lurking around somewhere. 

That’s not the only place though, because there are also plenty of fruit slot machines that can be found on online casino platforms these days too! In fact, there are thousands of fruit slot machine online slots around in the 21st century, just look at games like Fruitoids, Fruit Party or 243 Crystal Fruits. 

Are fruit slot machines bonuses free? 

Right then, onto the golden question – are fruit slot machines bonuses free? Well, once you actually enter a fruit slot machine bonus round things do generally tend to be free, however the catch is that you will have to spend money wagering on spins before you get there. 

A few examples of free fruit slot machine bonuses 

  •         Classic free fruit slot machine bonus rounds: If you are playing a fruit slot machine with bonus rounds and you are lucky enough to enter one, this will in most cases be free.
  •         Online casino deposit offer free fruit slot machine bonuses: Sometimes online casino platforms will give you free fruit slot machine bonuses in order for depositing cash with them.

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