Animal Crossing New Horizons 1.11 Update 2021 – What Does The Datamine Indicate

Nintendo released the new 1.11 update along with an article on their website explaining the new items and events the update would add. Well, not everything. The article left out a few new items that are coming up in the fall. It’s unknown if these were supposed to be announced, or just added a little bit early in preparation for some type of Halloween update. These new fall items were not the only new things added that Nintendo didn’t tell us about. They like to hide a lot of stuff in the code. Thanks to our lovely community data miners who have poured their hearts and souls into deciphering the code, we know about the little hidden things that Nintendo slips in every update. This information specifically comes from asteriation.So, what did Nintendo add in the code? Whatdoes it mean? Do they add it specificallyfor us to find or do they need it to set upfor future updates?

#1 Museum Café & Brewster

There are a couple exciting things that Nintendo has blessed us with. First and foremost, more evidence of a museum café. Over time, the developers have been adding a little bit here and there working their magic for a café to appear. Even though there’s literally code showing proof of NPCs having the potential ability to talk about the progress of said café being built, it’s not 100% certain that the pigeon milk king, Brewster, is going to return to the Animal Crossing series. If Nintendo listened to us at all over the past year and a half, one of the main things practically everyone has been asking for is Brewster and the return of the café. We’ve gotten a little closer with the inclusion of the boba items during the August Fireworks Festival. There’s even a coffee boba. That’s all for the café in the code this time around. Just an addition of having the villagers know that the café is being built and talk about it to us during construction.

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#2 FortuneFriendship & Fortuneitem

Next, there are references of “FortuneFriendship” and “Fortuneitem”. Now, this could mean a lot of things. Who do we know that has to deal with fortunes in Animal Crossing? Who was just released into the wild through a real-life app that most of us have forgotten about because Nintendo hasn’t added any new items for us to redeem? That’s right, Katrina. Maybe this refers to something completely different. There really isn’t enough information here to correctly predict where Nintendo could go with this. But “FortuneItem” sounds very exciting. And it would make a little more sense as to why Nintendo added Katrina randomly into the Nook Points app. Katrina and her words are a cute little feature to look at when claiming points every day. Shocking to say for something related to New Horizons. But her inclusion just seemed super random at the time which was probably some kind of foreshadowing. Or we’re thinking too much into this and Nintendo thought it would just be cute to add her in the app for almost no reason. If Katrina is added, does the “FortuneItem” code mean that we’ll get some type of new ACNH furniture item? Does it also mean that luck is returning to the game?

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#3 Luck

Luck is one of the mechanics we’ve missed. Sure, it sucks when you log on and have a back luck day. But falling on your face every now and then is pretty fun. And good and bad luck never actually affected the spawn rates of fish and bugs. It did however do things like cause you to trip and fall occasionally, sometimes fart when you sit on a chair, and make it harder to increase your friendship with the animal neighbors around town. Luck can vary your New Horizons day. it’ll help change up your normal daily routine. And if items are involved? That would be amazing. In New Leaf, the player was able to purchase a Tingle hat or Daikoku hat that the player could wear. They would even affect the fortune for the day if the player was wearing the ACNH item when interacting with Katrina.

There’s not too much here to really give us a good hint as to what could possibly be added. Those are the two exciting parts of the data mine. The rest is useful information, but nothing that hints towards future updates. The code does give the odds for the player getting specific items from Redd during the Fireworks Festival. According to the data mine, you are guaranteed one of each item based on what you already have catalogued from the past. After you’ve received the new items, there is a percent chance of getting the repeats. FoxStand has a 40% chance. these are expendable fireworks items like the sparklers, fountain firework, and bubble blower. There’s a 10% chance for non-expendable items like the uchiwa fan, pinwheel, and tweeter. 12.5% chance for a balloon in the 5 different colors. And finally, a 37.5% chance for one of the new food items: boba, cotton candy, and popsicle. It might take a few raffle tickets but getting extras of the new food items shouldn’t be super difficult if you want them. The last part of the data mine includes new weather patterns. Asteriation put together a nice table if this interests you, but it’s basically just different combinations of clear, sunny, cloudy, and rainy skies to vary up the weather each day. The 1.11.1 update was to fix a couple of bugs that came along with the 1.11 update. These included correcting the arrangement of animal crossing DIY recipes in your NookPhone app (apparently they got a little messed up), color variations for some items were fixed at Harvey’s Island, the closing music for Nook’s Cranny is backand there were some issues with cloudsnot appearing correctly to correspond to weatherpatterns.

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