All you need to Know about Water Tanks in Kenya and their Prices

No man can survive without water, credence to the belief, ‘water is life.’ Every individual struggles to have abundant of this important resource at his or her disposal hence the need for storage tanks. The water tank is a critical container that each home must possess for the daily water demand.

Water tanks are containers made of plastic, metals or concrete materials used for storage of water for future commercial, industrial or domestic use. It is a special container for water conservation and allows users to readily access the resource with minimal straining.

Figure 1. A water tank

Various manufacturers produce different types and sizes of water containers leading to variation in quality and the litre capacity of the tanks. It is therefore important to be enlightened more about the water carriers.

The type of the tank hugely influences the water tanks prices in Kenya.

Types of Water Tanks

The tanks are made of different kinds of materials leading to the varieties that are readily available in the market. Some of the water tanks available for water storage are:

1. Plastic Containers

These are made of plastic materials; they are available in different shapes and sizes depending on the desire and the manufacturer. They are always placed on raised grounds to ease the water movement due to high pressure. These containers may not last long since plastic cannot sustain the high temperatures in most regions.

2. Metallic Containers

Hard and non-corrosive metals are welded together to form a container that can store water for a longer period. These containers are majorly used in bigger organizations and are raised very high using very thick metals to enable a faster flow of water. The metallic containers may last longer but once they begin to leak it becomes difficult to mend them back.

3. Concrete Containers

This is a groundwater reservoir made of cement sand and ballasts, used to store large amounts of water. This container is mainly used by large water consumers like irrigation farms and large water companies. The type of water container lasts the longest and is costly to construct hence one of the most expensive types.

Installation of the Tanks

It is not a hard task to install the tanks; you only need to consider very few factors:

  • Ensure the safety of the tank.
  • Construct a raised flat base that can support the water capacity of the tank.
  • Buy your tank from a reliable supplier with a good reputation.
  • Provide an outlet pipe to allow excess water out to maintain the water capacity requirement.

Buying the Water Tanks

There are different sizes and types of tanks leading to the difference in their Prices. It is therefore important to know the capacity of water you need and make an order to a reliable dealer who will successfully deliver it to you.

To summarise, water is a necessary and sufficient condition for human survival. There are times of abundance and times of scarcity hence failure to conserve it may lead to disruption of lives. Use the tanks, no matter the type to conserve this golden resource.

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