All you need to know about the grinder machine

A grinder machine is a tool used to grind. Grinding refers to smoothening rough surfaces for high accuracy of the shape and dimensions. It uses an abrasive wheel as a tool for cutting.


It has a bed that comes with a fixture to clasp the workpiece and a wheel that is power-driven which spins at the required speed. You can determine its speed by the manufacturer’s ratings and the wheel diameter.

The grinding wheel travels across the workpiece while the grinding head stays fixed. The Vernier calibrated hand wheel holds the grinding head into position.

These machines remove material from the workpiece through abrasion, where there is heat generation. The machines also can cool thepiece to prevent it from overheating by incorporating a coolant.

The heat generates causes burns to the machinist.

They come in various types. These include:

  • Belt grinding device
  • Bench grinding device
  • Cylindrical grinding device
  • Surface grinding device
  • Tool and cutter grinding device
  • Jig grinding device
  • Gear grinding device
  • Centre grinding device
  • Die grinding device
  • Angle grinding device

Belt grinder

It processes metals and any other material such as wood with the help of a coated abrasive.

Used in:

  • The finishing process
  • The deburring process
  • Removal of stock

Bench grinder

  • Used for finishing and roughing operations.
  • It is usually secured to a floor stand and manually operated.
  • It has two wheels of different sizes of grains.
  • You can use it in shaping tool bits.

Cylindrical grinder

These types have multiple grinding wheels.

Used to make:

  1. Precision rods
  2. Bearing races
  3. Bushings
  4. Tubes

Surface cylinder

It has a grinding wheel that rotates on the horizontal axis of the grinding wheel. It removes materials and flattens surfaces with spiral grind marks.

You can use it to sharpen metal stamping die sets.

Tool and cutter grinder

A user can utilize it to carry out the tool room operations

NB: It is also good to note that the grinder machine price in Kenya varies according to the type of grinding machine an operator wants to buy.

Jig grinder

Usually used when finishing the jigs, fixtures, and dies.

Gear grinder

It removes the remaining inch left by other methods of manufacturing, such as gashing.

Centre grinder

You can use it to grind the center of a shaft.

Die grinder

It is air driven and also can use an electric motor.

Angle grinder

It is used in the process of construction and also a fabrication.

Factors to consider when selecting a grinding machine

The power rating of the grinder machine that has high wattage power cuts quickly through some of the rigid materials.

  • Diameter of the disc

The bigger the diameter of the disc, the deeper the cuts required.

  • The use of the grinder machines

One should first determine the reason why you need to purchase the grinder machine. The different types of grinder machines in the market have different uses. Therefore, this factor is very crucial.


It is evident that the grinding machine is vital in your day-to-day usage. Therefore, it is often advisable to do further research before purchasing this device. Source

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