All the Mathematics and Statistics you need to beat Online Slots

Mathematics and statistics were always being seen as one of the only ways to make profit in the gambling industry. This is also one of the only legal ways to hit a really big win, but it is only available in the online casinos, you can view wizardslots here – which is one of the worlds best online casinos. 

The following article narrates step by step what you have to know and do to employ this strategy, and everything else that you should keep in mind. 

Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are essential for this strategy, so find the casinos with the highest. However, certain casinos have set very high wagering requirements in order to prohibit players from using this strategy.


Unfortunately casinos hold the upper hand here. All games are set up in favour of the casino and even if a player gets lucky and wins a big amount – he will eventually lose it in alignment with the slot machine’s statistical programming. This raises the issue of whether there is even a reason to try. 

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Wagering requirements on offers

Supposing that a player will find an offer whereby he would deposit 100£ and get 100£ bonus – he would have to make them at least 3500£ (35x) before withdrawing them. However, some casinos have over 40x wagering requirements; if you want to apply our strategy only accept an offer of less than 40x. 


Each slot machine has a different RTP, usually ranging between 80%-99%. For instance, if you played 100£ in a slot machine with 89% RTP, you would get 89£ for every 100£ you spent. 

Getting the statistics on your side

Returning to our initial scenario, whereby we have 100£ bonus money with 35x wagering bonus requirements, which are the statistics that won’t work for us? Those that will cause us to statistically lose during wagering 3500£. This amounts to 2.86% (100/3500 = 2.86 +97.14 = 0), and thus, all slot machines with over 97.14 RTP will provide us with positive statistical results when the bonus has 35x restriction. 

If the wagering requirements are 40x, then the story is quite different. You will need 4000£, considering that you had a bonus deposit of 100£. Here, players will need to find slot machines with RTP of more than 97.5%. 


The above strategy only applies to slot machines, not to roulette, blackjack or other games. Furthermore, some casinos even banned certain slot machines with high volatility from completing wagering requirements. 

Another issue is that the maximum stake that can be used while completing the wagering requirements may be restricted. The bet per spin may vary from 5£ to 15£; this rule can be overruled and will only have significance if a player wins a really big bet and surpasses the wagering requirements. 

The last restriction is related to certain countries, such as Poland, Russia, China, Ukraine and Belarus – which are banned due to a huge number of players from there taking advantage of the bonuses. 

Taking account all of the above, you are ready to go out there and win big; you can thank us later. 

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