Achkans & Bandhgalas: The Ultimate Wedding Look

Weddings are special occasions, and everyone wants to look their best. Brides and grooms alike are under a lot of pressure to make their weddings stand out. As a result, most people struggle to locate appropriate attire for all occasions and activities. The popularity of achkan and bandhgala-style dresses has increased over time.

First, let’s define these two looks.

An achkan is a traditional men’s jacket with a length similar to that of a sherwani. An achkan and a sherwani are fundamentally different in that the former is constructed of lighter fabric, and it has a semi-casual feel about it as well. A buttoned front pocket and a breast pocket are included on this Rajasthani-style jacket.

In India, bandhgalas are also known as Jodhpuri suits. It’s commonly used for ceremonial purposes and is appropriate for formal social occasions such as weddings. The use of silk or similar suitable fabric is a popular choice among males. The material is usually lined with embroidery at the neckline and buttons.

If You Plan To Wear The Achkan:

An achkan is the way to go if you want to add a personal touch or a modern accent to traditional clothing. Modern-day achkans are open to experimentation and creativity so that grooms can play around with fashions and accessories. Choose a diagonal slit in the front instead of a straight one. Add a brooch or velvet trim and beautiful buttons to finish the style.

Make a statement with a pair of eye-catching pants and a traditional achkan. A pair of contrasting coloured Jodhpur or dhoti pants can make your ensemble stand out. Opt for a pocket square, a brooch, and a pair of ethnic Juttis to round out your fit.

If You Plan To Wear The Bandhgala:

Weddings, festivals, events, and ethnic-themed parties are just a few customary occasions where they’re used. This kurta goes well with your overall appearance, and it’s perfect for the wedding season because it’s stylish and enticing while keeping fresh.

Bandhgalas have become “the look” during Indian weddings. Depending on your attire, you can wear a long or short Bandhgala.


Do you prefer to keep things simple and traditional while including a contemporary element? If that’s the case, the achkan and bandhgala kurtas are fantastic outfit suggestions for you. Choose the achkan style if you want an attire that allows you to move around easily. Pair a bandhgala with jodhpuri pants and heeled shoes for a glam appearance. It’s your day, do what pleases you! Shop these looks and more only from Dapper Menswear!

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