A psychotherapeutic review of Lust from Beyond

The well-known indie horror with an erotic overtones  Lust from Beyond  was released only on March 12, but has already managed to impress its players. About 85% of the reviews on Steam were positive – apparently, these users were ready for what was happening in the game on ,  F95zone platform, but what about the rest? Has the project had a disastrous effect on the psyche of untrained gamers? At the disposal of our editors was the transcript of the psychotherapy session, the participant of which just a few hours ago completed the passage – and hurried for help. What made the middle-aged man urgently go to the doctor? Find out from our text.

– Good evening, Victor (name has been changed – ed.) . Frankly, your call came as a complete surprise to me. Despite the late hour, at this time I usually still see patients. However, fortunately for you, due to the shifts in the schedule, I have a very successful window. What made you urgently seek help?

– Thank you, doctor. Your number was given to me by an acquaintance who addressed you earlier. The fact is that one thing has been tormenting me for a long time, but I have put off going to a psychotherapist for a long time. Today’s events have made it clear that the time has come.

– Sounds intriguing, but let’s start from the beginning. Tell us a little about yourself.

– As you already know, my name is Victor, I am 45 years old, I have been working at NII KOPRKHIMMASH in my hometown N for 28 years. Despite the fact that I have a family and a respectable position (deputy second assistant to the head of the department for the disposal of liquid-solid waste in production in the field of the rocket and railway industry of the first category), in my life there are only two joys – moderate Orthodoxy and video games in quest genre. My childhood was spent in an embrace with a personal computer, which my father was able to copy from the mentioned research institute. Since they saved on funding science then and now, the car pulled only adventure games like Eldritch Blast 5e. That’s how I got to know the “golden classics” likeMonkey Island, Full Throttle, Neverhood, The Longest Journey, Myst, Broken Sword, Sam & Max, The Legend of Kyrandia, Day of the Tentacle, “Petka and Vasily Ivanovich” …

– You obviously had a difficult childhood, but let’s move on to the problem.

– I was just about to. So, even nowadays, when I see the tag “adventure game” on Steam , my hand involuntarily reaches out to see what it is. This is exactly what happened this time: on a chilly Friday night, I launched the launcher of my favorite store and saw Lust from Beyond on the list of new releases . I also saw 85% of positive reviews and a modest price of 391 rubles. At this point, I decided not to even “fall through” inside the page to read the description: the stylish cover was enough for me (even if the devils are pawing a woman there – well drawn), a low price and community approval.

After a short installation (for some reason the game asked for three times more disk space than it took in total), I was still in the dark. The low-res desktop icon, with the little man holding a flashlight, was not intimidating and hinted at an atmospheric adventure. However, the first signals to me were given by the menu that appears every time you start the game, where you are asked to choose whether you will play with or without censorship.

– Oh my God.

However, everything starts relatively peacefully, and I was in a pleasant illusion. The game starts with the fact that a certain girl pulls out of the Alien’s cocoon an unsuccessful parody of him and says that this creature will help her get into another world, Lust-Ga. After getting out of the Gigerian-Lovecraftian location, the heroine finds herself in a small atmospheric mansion, in which she needs to get to know the characters and bring them together for a ritual. At that moment, I was even on an emotional upsurge, because a pleasant picture and a mysterious atmosphere disposed to me.

– Victor, didn’t it offend your religious feelings?

– Apart from what the heroine saw under the hallucinogens of mass copulation, there is absolutely nothing provocative about it. Believe me, much more offensive things have been done on the Unity engine . The scene in the antique shop that began afterwards turned out to be extremely cozy and pacifying, and did not at all induce me to be religiously offended. In fact, the main character of the game is the antiquary Victor (like HuniePop2.) Holloway, who from time to time tormented by nightmares and sexual hyperactivity. Actually, we will encounter both of these phenomena in the course of the chapter, but I met the first horror element immediately after the opening cutscene.

– Did something go wrong with the main character? Did he start hearing voices in his head? He ended up in the Gigerian-Lafcraftian space, where strange creatures were hunting him, killing him with two blows, while he was defenseless?

– All your theories are correct, but the gameplay caused the greatest horror for me. Despite the fact that a bunch of genres are mixed in the game, the basis is the search for objects in locations and overcoming contrived obstacles. Sounds like my dream game, but unlike the classic quests, here you basically just need to walk. Most of the objects are highlighted or flicker, so finding them is easy, and the application is always more or less obvious. Sometimes you are hindered by various monsters that randomly move around the locations.


As in the long-standing Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth , in addition to physical health, Victor also has a mental health that suffers at the sight of these creatures. But the game kindly provides the ability to level up the character – you can increase the bars of both types of health, as well as speed up the movement in the squat. When the hero finds himself in his nightmare, which is a purple copy of the Agony game , he continues to do about the same: hiding from monsters looking for objects of dubious necessity to cope with artificial obstacles. However, in this world, the developers did not bother working out these objects, but simply made them abstract cubes, glowing stones and phallic keys. In such a simple way, pixel hunting has turned into pussy hunting.

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