A practical guide to rope barriers and belt barriers for your business

If you’re running an event, need to manage customer queues or simply want to block off access to an area, at some point you’re going to find yourself looking for a suitable type of lightweight temporary barrier.

From restaurants to nightclubs to exhibitions, barriers are very practical and help people to form orderly queues. But how do you know which type of barrier is best for your event? Keep reading to find out what crowd control barriers to purchase.

What are the different types of barriers?

  • Rope: an elegant way of making spaces more organised and coherent, the polished stanchions and luxurious ropes can make a grand contribution to the aesthetics of any social event.
  • Belt: retractable barriers are either wall-mounted (for fixed position barriers) or post-mounted (for fixed or portable belt barriers). A belt extends from the housing to prevent people from crossing the space.

Knowing your venue

Choosing the right barrier for your venue can help set the scene for the people who are attending. Rope barriers are generally considered to be more formal and elegant, which makes them ideal for use in stylish settings such as red carpet events and luxury hotels. They help attendees stay organised in one line, and can even be used to establish VIP areas.

Belt barriers on the other hand can be used in more day-to-day settings. In banks, retail environments, airports, or other high-turnover customer environments, forming an orderly queue with a retractable barrier allows for better management of people in the space and lets people know where they are in order of being served giveme5.

Consider costs

As with anything you purchase for your business, financial considerations play a big part in your ultimate decision.

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Rope barriers come in a variety of different shaped and coloured ropes and stanchions, which is great as you can personalise your barriers to suit the style of your venue. However, rope barriers are the more expensive option, adding a sense of prestige to your venue.

Belt barriers are considered a much more affordable choice. They can be purchased in a huge variety of lengths and colours, with some featuring an auto-lock feature to prevent any injuries if tampered with. Even better, if you’re looking for some extra branding or sellable advertising space, retractable barrier belts can be customised with logos or slogans.

Crowd control

The main function of installing barriers is to help with crowd control, so judging your environment and knowing how many people to expect at your event can help you to plan accordingly.

Belt barriers are more effective at managing larger crowds as you can rearrange their position to shorten or break up queues very easily – without having to move any stanchions.

With that being said, rope barriers have a certain air of elegance that will make people respect the boundaries they establish more than a retractable barrier.

Once you’ve identified the purpose of your queue management system and you know how you want to implement crowd control, you can Doithuong begin to weigh up the options between retractable belt barriers and rope barriers.

This can help you to make the right decision for both your venue and event, providing your guests with an organised event and you with total peace of mind.

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