9 Tips to Have a Stress-Free & Efficient WFH Setup

As the world changed at an unimaginable speed and urgency, work from home became the new normal. People have started getting used to it, and some CEOs believe that it is the future. Many have gathered the required equipment and gadgets, set up their desk, chair, and computer. The demand for electronic devices and software updates has increased in a few months of the pandemic. And along with the tech industry, the furniture industry also saw an increase in the demand, especially for home office furniture.

The work-life balance had taken a toll on people. Many are facing many challenges while working from home.

It is easier said than done, but still, if you can improve your working capacity and finish the assignment a few hours before, it is still a big deal. You can spend your valuable time with your family and relax after completing the office work earlier. So, here are some tips you can utilise to improve your concentration and finish the tasks faster.

1. A Designated Workspace

The place you work must have all the necessary items within your reach. It will be much better if you have a whole room for it. Experts in Office Furniture Townsville tell us that you need to have a desk and chair adjusted according to your best sitting posture and comfort, the laptop or desktop, and the gadgets required. Get a desk-pad where you keep the essentials and also have a “no phone” policy there, unless you need it for work.

2. A Little to No Extra Items on the Desk

Having a score of stuff on your desk will make your work difficult, especially the extra papers, documents, food items etc. Remove all the unnecessary items from the desk and clean the desk. A clean and minimalistic look changes your mood, and with that, you’ll be ready to work. A clean and tidy place has an effect on one’s mind and can improve one’s performance.

3. Manage the Cables and Chords

The cables/wires create a mess over the desk, and most of the time, while you adjust or pick up something, the cables come in the way. Keeping the cables and wires fixed under the desk using some velcro and tapes helps to make the top of your desk tidy and clean.

4. Get Some Action

No, no fighting or stunts at home; let the kids do it (just kidding). Take a 15-minute break after an hour of work or 45 minutes, as you like. Do some physical activities like squats, yoga, or just walk around the house. It reduces the stress in the body and strain on your eyes.

5. Buy Blue Light Blocking Spectacles

The glasses will reduce the blue light emitting from the computer screen and help in better sleep. The anti-glare/blue light glasses are said to decrease the blue light up to 58%, keeping the eyes in good condition and improving the sleep quality.

6. Have Stress Relief Items in the Room

As simple as a plant can relieve stress when you look at it. There are many items that can help you to relax just by looking at, hearing or feeling them. This can be a mini fountain, toy bike or car of your favourite model etc. Having a light coloured wall paintings/designs like orange, green, grey, yellow can bring peace to mind.

7. Get the Best Devices for Work

To work efficiently and complete the assignments, you need the best devices and software available. The laptops and tablets have to be up to date and functioning.

8. Buy Appropriate Home Office Furniture

The place where you spend most of your day has to be comfortable and functional. A desktop table, computer chair and other dedicated home office furniture are the basic requirements for this. A table lamp, footrest, and neck pillow can make it easier for long hours of work. Also, a standing desk is preferred by many as it helps to burn some calories and is good for health than sitting all the time.

9. Drink a Lot of Water

You need to drink a lot of water to stay fresh. Fruit juice will help in reviving you from slacking. Though juices are good, water is the best option while you concentrate on your work for hours. It will improve your metabolism, brain activity and digestion, balancing the lack of physical activity.

In these trying times, you have to take care of your work and health at the same time. Work time became blended with family time as you brought work home. Now, the only way to divide the time you have between work and life is by planning, improving and reducing the total time you take to complete the tasks.

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