It’s not hard to see why many people are afraid of air conditioners. They’re expensive, they make a lot of noise, and the worst part is that they can leak water onto your floor! It doesn’t matter if you have an indoor or outdoor unit. In this article we will discuss 9 pains when your aircon is dripping water.

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  1. If your aircon is dripping water, you can’t use it on that setting until the problem is fixed! If you leave on the “cool” setting while there’s a leak, then all of that humidity will just get blown into the rest of your house.
  2. A leaky AC could cause damage to your flooring and furniture if they are not protected properly. Make sure to place towels or some kind of absorbent material underneath your unit in case it starts leaking again. It is also highly recommended to keep furniture legs off the ground with special caps called “Feet Protectors.” These would help keep moisture away from wood floors and carpeting, which would prevent both discoloration and shrinkage.
  3. A bare-bones indoor unit will have a hard time controlling humidity indoors if there’s even the slightest of leaks in its tubing. This can be especially bad if you’re using an indoor unit in the summertime, when the outside temperature is hot and humid.
  4. When your AC leaks into your walls or attic, not only does it cause damage to that part of your house but it also causes damage to all the areas around where the leak occurred! This means you could find mold growing in rooms near where your air conditioner has leaked due to excess water on walls or ceilings surrounding your AC units.
  5. If you think about it, repairing any kind of air conditioning system is not easy. That’s why most people (especially homeowners) choose to hire professionals to fix any problems with their AC units, no matter how big or small! This makes it difficult if your aircon is dripping water because you may not be able to find someone who can come out and fix the problem.
  6. If you’re saving up money (because you need a new indoor unit for instance), then that means you’ll have less money that month for expenses like groceries or entertainment. When anything goes wrong with your AC, try taking it as a sign from God telling you to spend more time doing something other than playing video games on the couch after work. You could even go so far as to take advantage of cheap drink specials at your local bar!
  7. If your AC is leaking, do not be surprised to find insects in your home or apartment because they are attracted to the moist environment. If you see any bugs (especially ants) crawling around your house, then it’s time to check whether or not there’s a leak! This would be yet another reason why it is vital that you fix any leaks that could harm/taint items in your home or cause structural damage.
  8. If your air conditioning system is leaking, you’ll have to use more electricity than normal. This will cost you extra money every month so the best thing to do during this period of time is take advantage of free summer concerts at local parks and enjoy outdoor activities to keep cool – or even better, take a vacation to Florida!
  9. If your AC unit is leaking water into the air outside, then this could cause damage to people’s property or harm/kill someone by carbon monoxide poisoning. If your AC leaks onto the ground outside, you should place some kind of absorbent material under it for proper disposal of excess moisture and humidity.

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