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7 Tricks To Make An Open Terrace Appear Private

Terraces are a wonderful part of any house that creates a connection between the interior and the exterior. While open terraces seem marvelous in magazines and blogs, the reality can be a little different. Properties in Thane are made in such a way that they have open as well as private terraces depending upon your preference. You can opt for whichever one you like. There are times when you need privacy. So how to make your open terrace appear private? To add that private, cozy feel to your terrace, you can explore various options. Terraces especially in Thane properties provide a wide range of options to experiment with.  You can make them feel private by tinkering with some design elements that will keep your terrace chic as well as shielded from the prying eyes and nasty dust!

Here are a few tricks to do so-

1. Bamboo screen

Bamboo is totally in vogue and you can aestheticize your terrace by adding some bamboo screens to it. Another perk of using a bamboo screen is that while it will keep the harsh sun away, it will allow the wind to pass. So you can be assured of proper ventilation as well! If you don’t want rigid screens then you can also try bamboo mats as well.

2. Climbers and vines

To get that insta-worthy cottagecore look, you can try growing climbers and vines like English ivy on your terrace. This plant requires sunlight and dry soil but it also helps in the purification of the air and it will add a touch of nature to your terrace. It will grow and give you not just privacy but also natural shade where you can sit and read a book!

3. Lattice-frame

A Lattice frame is multifunctional! You can set it up on the terrace to get privacy and then experiment with the decor on it as well. If you have less space on your terrace but still wish to grow plants then this will act as a shelf for your vertical garden! You can also mount solar panels on it for energy-efficient terrace lights! Saving the environment and privacy on your terrace! This feature will kill two birds with the same stone!

4. Shrubs or plants

If you are lucky enough to have more space on your terrace and love plants, then you can experiment with gardening on your terrace. You can try dense shrubs or tall, leafy plants such as Champa or Mehendi and such which can thrive in the local climate. They will give you privacy and add that urban-forest feel to your house!

5. Synthetic Screens

Nowadays, there are various synthetic screens available in the market which you can use to add to your terrace for privacy. They are easy to clean and cost-efficient. They come in a variety of designs including artificial greens.

6. Drapes or Window Shutters

Drapes add a very homely feel to the terraces and you can experiment with different colors according to your theme and mood. You can tie them according to your needs as well. If you wish to try upcycling, then you can repurpose old window shutters as well.

7. Fencing

And lastly, you can explore the market for a variety of fences in different designs and materials to suit your needs.

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