7 Spots of Hyderabad that Anyone Would Love to Visit 

Life in metro cities is always wonderful and exhilarating. You can always come across a lot of fun and energy therein.  In case you have never been to big cities, it is the right time you go there. If you already stay in a metro city; you must not miss out the life of other metro cities.   Of course, you can always peep into the tourism pockets of different cities. Every city ah places that are full of knowledge, enlightenment, enjoyment, pleasure, and leisure.

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  • Charminar

Charminar is surely Hyderabad’s most iconic landmark and it is a famous memorial and mosque that resonates the Indo-Islamic construction of its eras. Constructed of limestone and granite   , at each of four cardinal corners of this amazing looking monument are fifty six -metre high baroque turrets with double balconies.  The stairs lead to the second level that is even where the open-air mosque rests. The archways of this splendid Charminar open out on to vivacious streets for a gorgeous and refreshing view.

  • Hussain Sagar Lake

A withdrawal in the heart of Hyderabad, this splendid and stunning Hussain Sagar Lake is bestowed name after Hussain Shah Wali. The main Fascination at this manmade lake is an eighteen meter high, that of four hundred fifty -tonne statue of Buddha in the centre. It is beautifully carved out of white granite that took more than two long years to get finished. The spot virtually glows chiefly on a full moon night. This amazing Hussain Sagar Lake is even well-known for boating and along its margin are other popular cities charms like Lumbini Park and that of Birla Mandir add to the charm.

  • Birla Mandir

Spotted in the south end of Hussain Sagar Lake, this majestic and vibrant Birla Mandir is a charming modern temple constructed atop the Kala Pahad, which is the twin hillock of Naubat Pahad. With diverse architectural chic from Odhisha and South Indian, the spot of worship is decorated with exotic epic acts from the Ramayana and Mahabharata. These are finely and stunningly sculpted in marble. The inner monument of this splendid temple has an 11ft tall copy of Tirupati Venkateswara. The site of temple is surely a delight to eyes. Binged in various marble carvings, the spot shows Indian mythology in the contiguous ‘Mukhi Mandapam’. The temple even includes consorts of Padmavati, Venkateswara and that of Andal as well as possesses a separate shrine that is dedicated to Buddha. Once you would look at this shining white temple, you would feel some sort of comfort in your heart. Your eyes will twinkle for sure. The design of this temple is a treat for anyone who looks at it.

  • The Golconda Fort

The Golconda Fort is one of India’s most impressive and stunning looking forts and it encompasses four district forts surrounded by a ten -kilometre long wall.  With four drawbridges, more than eighty strongholds, various temples, mosques, halls, royal residences, it is nothing short of royalty. Though maximum of it stands in the skeletons, clues of its past grandiose can be experienced and felt within its enclosures bragging of rich Mughal style architecture.

  • Ramoji Film City

If you go to Hyderabad and you do not visit this place then your trip is incomplete. Movie enthusiasts are surely going to relish a day spent at this massive Ramoji Film City. It was set up by   that of Ramoji Group in the year 1996. The place is the world’s most massive film studio complex.  It is spread across an astounding 2000 acres, Ramoji Film City is the place wherein diverse types of popular regional language, Hindi and even the international movies have got picturised.  Inside the massive premises, there are alternatives for the dining, shopping and even that of most importantly entertainment in the form of movie studio tours, various live shows, and an adventure park. You can do much once you are at this amazing place.

  • Sophistication of Chowmahalla Palace

Palaces and forts have always been a great destination of the fame and reputation of the kings and rulers. The Chowmahalla Palace was once the main and official residence of Nizams is such a palace that speaks about the impact and architectural palate of the Hyderabadi monarchs. For diverse types of decades, the meticulously designed palace hosted massive celebrations, watched several significant occurring and made a prominent mark of the sophistication of the Nizams. 

The place is constructed on more than forty acres and the full architecture, elegantly crafted interiors, and the layout of this Chowmahalla Palace is believed to be enthused from Tehran’s Shah Iran Palace.  The palace is forked into northern and southern courtyards. Similarly, even it has diverse gardens and uniquely designed fountains that speak about the lavishness and sovereigns of the then monarchs. Once you visit this place, you are going to feel really royal ad stylish. The charm o this place is really encapsulating.

  • Salarjung Museum

This is one of the prime attractions of Hyderabad that display different collections of varied antiques from across the world. The Museum displays the artefacts that encompass Chinese stilettos, Porcelain and even that of other belongings of Queen Noor Jehan, Shah Jahan and even daggers of Mughal Emperor Jahangir, Sword of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, splendid Indian canvases, figurines, and Persian carpets. The place is going to get you a lot of information about historic miracles and ingredients.


To sum up,  if you are already excited to visit Hyderabad, check out Sheraton Hyderabad for your stayover. You must not compromise with your rest and comfort if you are going for a trip to Hyderabad. After all, since the city has so many vibrant, enlightening, and exciting spots for you to explore and experience; you should not miss it. Any and every place in this city is going to get you something that would be worth keeping.

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