7 Common Depression Triggers That You Must Avoid to Stay Mentally Fit

If you want to stay depression-free, you must avoid the major depression triggers that can lead you to depression. Those triggers are mentioned in this article. You need to take the necessary steps to stay stress-free and relaxed. You can also take advice from an MAOI guide or a well-known doctor.

Major Depression Triggers

You must avoid these depression triggers to stay mentally fit:


Stress is a major trigger of depression that can lead you into major depression and bring suffering to you. If you want to stay depressed-free, you must avoid this trigger. Now, stress can come via various roots like job, family, having no time for yourself, no completing the task that you need to. So, to avoid stress, you must break the task into small parts and do it. You must take your time and give yourself some time to stay stress-free.

Health Concern

It is another trigger of depression. If you worry too much about your health, you may suffer from depression. At the same time, various health conditions or some illnesses can also lead you to depression. It’s possible. So, what you need to do is to stay calm and don’t worry about yourself too much. Just get treatment or what is needed to cure you. This way, you will be able to avoid and depression.

Losing Job

Losing your job is a great loss that is quite a big trigger for depression. Many people suffer from depression because of this reason. The reason could be anything related to this issue like future financial fear, feel rejected, loss of relationship with your colleagues, and others. Now, what you need to do is to don’t worry too much. Just think positive. Think this way that it may be the chance for you to start your new career or do what you always wanted to do.

Financial Concern

One of the main reasons for worry and feeling depressed would be money. Yes, everyone suffers from financial inability in one part of their life. So, worrying too much about your financial condition will lead you to depression. To avoid this trigger, you have to work and so that you can earn enough money. You can also budget your expenses and focus on spending money well. At the same time, you can also start saving money so that you can get a backup when a rainy day comes. This way, financial concern won’t bother you anymore.

Sexual Problems

Sexual problems can also lead to depression. At the same time, stress, depression, and lack of sexual desire can also co-exist together. Besides, some antidepressants can also cause a lack of sexual desire too. In that case, you have to talk to your doctor about it. Find out the actual reason for what is causing this. If you think sexual problems are making you depressed, you must also go to a doctor and get the appropriate treatment so that you can get rid of the depression quickly as possible.

Being Overweight

Many studies have also shown that being overweight can also lead a person to depression. A person who stresses a lot about his or her weight, find it humiliating and suffers a lot. In that case, a person must try to lose his or her weight by doing exercises or having a good diet. This way, that person will stay in shape and depression free.

Alcohol Abuse

Consuming too much alcohol can also give you major stress and messed up your sleep schedule. This way, you will develop depression. So, you must stop consuming alcohol. Or you can consult with a doctor and ask about how much alcohol is not bad for you.


These are the major triggers that you must avoid to stay depression-free. You can do what it takes to stay calm and avoid these depression triggers.

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