6 Top Picks From Casios’ News Releases

Everyone knows about the Japanese watchmaking brand, Casio, for it is one of the leading and most popular companies in the industry! It is best known for its high-caliber and high-quality timepieces that are pretty affordable compared to other brands. When it comes to quartz watches, Casio has been pioneering and manufacturing such since its official debut in 1974. Their powerful shock-resistance, accuracy in time-telling, and modern designs are features that are worth commending and hyping!

Casio has constantly been launching exceptional timepieces, and now with another wave of new releases, there are a lot of unique watches that you shouldn’t miss! We have gathered a few of the many top picks from watch lovers. This might be helpful if you are looking for a guide to help you pick your Casio watch.

1. G-Shock MR-G Tough Solar Radio Watch

This MR-G Tough Solar Radio Watch is part of the Casio G-Shock collection. It oozes so much charisma, prestige, and high technology. People love its visual, high-quality finish, and the features and functions that come with it. The watch has a black analog-type dial with a digital display and operability. It is made out of titanium material, which heavily reflects its case, bezel, band, and back.

The black tones are surely mesmerizing, and its sleek and modern design is a heart-stealer! There is more to this watch that is yet to see! Visit their website for more info!

2. Oceanus GPS Hybrid Radio Electric Solar

The GPS Hybrid Radio Electric Solar belongs to Casio’s Oceanus collection. The timepiece stands out with its silver-tone and elegant and stylish combination of black and blue colors in the dial. You will be in awe of its advance, high-performance, and sophisticated functions and features. It is great and convenient for travelers and people who are all for adventures!

The watch is equipped with a smartphone link function, time correction by GPS satellite radio waves, standard radio wave reception, and excellent water resistance! This will be the best watch if you want to look stylish and charming on any occasion. Its flexible design and superb functions will go well with everything!

3. Pro Trek Climber Line PRW-60-7AJF

The Casio Pro Trek Climber Line PRW-60-7AJF can catch anyone’s eye for its unique design and exceptional visuals. It features a modern-style design; however, it is fixed with a traditional analog display and a modern digital display. And

The timepiece is made with a combination of white and silver tones, where it is complemented well in the dial. There, the white dial is matched with silver-toned index markers and luminous hands, which will help you read the time even in the dark. And to wrap all that, the strap comes in a clean white color.

It also features a digital LED window that displays the current day and date. This watch would remind anyone of an accessory in a sci-fi movie, so cool!

4. Edifice Solar EFR-100SBBJ-1AJF

The Solar model is one of Casio’s Edifice timepieces. This watch has a modern, smooth, and stylish feel that will be a perfect pair for either a casual or formal gathering. Designed with a black dial that has luminous markers and minute hands, and a date and day display in a 3 o’clock position, this timepiece is a must-grab. Its stainless steel case comes with a dazzling bracelet that provides optimal coverage from trauma or shock. In addition, the watch has a bezel that marks a tachymeter scale as well.

The timepiece might look like the usual modern-style watch, but its features will blow your mind away! It is equipped with a solar charging system and a 10 bar waterproof function. There is a full charge to the needle stop time that is marked by the company, which is about eight months. The performance of the timepiece is also accurate, with an average month difference of 20 seconds. 

5. G-Shock Solar Full Metal Gold

This next timepiece is a total beaut that is loved by everyone for its full metal gold design. The Solar Full Metal Gold watch is also part of Casio’s G-Shock series. It features a digital dial display that indicates the day, date, and month, as well as the time and seconds.

The case is made with full metal gold that contributes to the maximal strength of the timepiece. It is also fixed with a bricked bezel, and the bezel surrounding the sub bezel has markings of gold-tone designs. Its band is also made of full metal gold. As you see, the watch is designed with full metal gold, hence its name.

Its functions highlight a world time, solar radio clock, alarm, and a LED light. It runs with a quartz-type movement.

6. Pro Trek Manaslu PRX-8000YT-1JF

Another model from Casio’s ProTrek series! This timepiece is one of watch enthusiasts’ leading choices, especially because of its modern design and high-performance function.

With a combination of different charcoal grey tones incorporated in the design, the case and bezel is made of resin, titanium (TIC processing), and stainless steel (DLC processing). It is matched with a charcoal grey dial that comes with huge indexes and minute hands made in luminescence. There is also a subdial in between the 9 and 11 o’clock positions. And the band is designed with titanium alloy, which adds to its luxurious look.

The timepiece features a digital compass, and its bezel has a tachymeter marked too. It has both an analog and digital display type with a calendar function, showing the date and day of the week. Other functions are orientation measurement, barometric pressure, altimeter, thermometer, world time, and alarm.


With all their amazing features and visuals, for sure, it’s going to be a lot more challenging to find the ideal Casio watch for you. At least, you were able to have an idea of what Casio offers with a glimpse of their top timepieces. If you still haven’t found “the one,” perhaps you are one step closer to it. Visit their website to see more of their collections and watch models. You will be surprised with the wide range of beautiful models that comes in different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs!

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