A home is never complete without a pet or two, but it can be challenging to move with pets. Moving is stressful enough for you, so you can imagine how overwhelming it is for your pet. Many homeowners have reported their pets missing during a move, which is the last thing you want to happen to you. Thankfully, you can do several things to ensure the safety and comfort of your pet during your big move.

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Find out if a friend could take care of your pet on the moving day.

Moving activities can stress your pet, not to mention the transportation itself. To avoid unnecessary stress for your pet, ask a friend or family to take care of your pet to keep it away from the moving activities and keep the path clear for your moving crew. Better yet, you can look into boarding your cat or dog in a cattery or kennel to keep them in a friendly environment.

Create a comfortable room for your pet in the new home

If you are to move in with your pet on the same day, ensure you set up a comfortable space for it in the new house. That is to make it comfortable as you unpack and move in. Check on it constantly to ensure it is well fed and not distressed about everything.

Maintain your pet’s routine when moving

Just like with kids, it is best to maintain your pet’s routine when moving to make everything as normal as possible. Stick to its regular feeding time, bathing, and walk time to maintain stability and minimize confusion.

Update your pet’s microchip or tag

Make sure you update your pet’s microchip or tag in advance to exercise caution if anything happens. That means if your pet runs away or gets lost during the moving day, there is a way to contact you if anyone comes across it. It is also wise to research veterinary practices in your new place and register your pet with them in advance. Also, if your pet is prone to travel sickness, ask your vet about medication and other ways to make the move easier for it.

Inform your moving company about your pet

As you negotiate with your moving company, let them know that you are moving with a pet so that they can facilitate special measures to ensure its safety. Don’t just assume and keep quiet. That gives the moving company enough time to source special equipment and materials to move your pet and pack its belongings.

Inform your neighbors about the move in case your pet returns

It is not uncommon for dogs and cats to return to the old house after a move, especially when you just moved a short distance away. You can ask your neighbors not to feed the pet to discourage it from returning there.

Help your pet familiarize with the new place.

Last but not least. Do everything you can to help your pet familiarize with the new place. Ensure the gates and fences are secured before letting it out of the house.

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