5 things to check before you get a personal trainer

So you have finally taken the first step in getting fit and healthy by looking for a personal trainer. Now, you must be looking for a personal trainer because in the past you have tried to do workout sessions by yourself or tried to do a diet that you just cannot understand. You must have had a hard time trying to check how to use a form when doing an exercise. All of these uncertainties lead you to this point where you are looking for a personal trainer to do all the thinking for you.

A personal trainer can keep you motivated, can help you throughout the tough times where you feel like giving up, they will help you learn about training regimes and nutrition so you can better treat yourself with healthy foods and proper workout sessions.

Hence, it is vital that you choose a personal trainer Austin that can feel “personal” to you. A trainer that can be there for you and work closely and openly for you to reach your goal.

Therefore, here are the things you need to check before getting a personal trainer:

1). Certification. There should always be a “yes”, when you ask a personal trainer this question: “Do you have a valid certification as a personal trainer?” If they say some “ifs” or if they use some “buts” then that means they are lying, and you should look for another personal trainer. Personal trainers should have ACE, NASM, NSCA or any other valid certificate to showcase they are professionals.

2). Experience. Go for experience. Experienced personal trainers might cost more than new personal trainers around the block, but they will have experience and that can use this experience to help you get the best out of anything they help you doing. Experience does not necessarily mean that you go for ones that are expensive, you can just check which personal trainer is experienced and is within your budget.

3). Availability. Check if the personal trainer can be available for you at the times you are free to do workouts and train yourself with them. Therefore, it is always good to ask them their schedule and make a solid time where you can get a session with them a few times a week. Also, ask them if you can talk to them with email and social media apps to stay connected.

4). Personality. This is something that is different in each personal trainer Austin. Are you looking for a personal trainer that is more of a cheerleader and that can give you words of encouragement all the time and can pamper you a little or are you looking for a personal trainer that can be a little strict? By “strict”, it shouldn’t mean that they can use foul words to make fun of your body to motivate you, it means to stay stern and disciplined. See how the personal trainer is like and if they are according to how you want their personality to be.

5). Location. This depends on you. Are you looking for a personal trainer that is within walking distance or are you fine with a personal trainer whom you can go to within 20-30 minutes? This is for you to decide, if you are looking for one in the walking distance because you want instant availability, then make sure to find ones that are near you and if you are fine with going for a 30-minute ride to get a session with them, then look for such personal trainers, the point is you should be comfortable with it.

Above all of these things mentioned, you should always follow your gut as to what personal trainer feels right for you in the end after pinning all of them down in a list. Looking for a personal trainer Austin that is experienced, motivational, and knowledgeable can feel the best for people, therefore, look for that.

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