5 Stupid Things You Should Not Do After an Accident

When a car accident occurs, your mind races to oblivion. You might even be numb for a while. It would be awesome if someone could take you out of that misery, right? Some people have a general idea of what to do when such a situation occurs. For example, calling a lawyer to help you if you will need to go to court after a car accident. What many do not know, however, are the stupid things you should not do after an accident.

Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident

It is important to stay level-headed during that difficult time. Even though it’s not easy to compose yourself in the wake of an accident. The do’s and don’t s you could take now are capable of catastrophic implications. This article sheds light on things you should not do after an accident at all costs.

1. Fleeing the Accident Scene

It does not matter how harmless the situation appears. The law states that you’re required to pull over and check on the other party. You should also exchange information, both personal and insurance, as well as alert the authorities. 

In case of personal injury to either party or property damage, any party that flees the scene will face liability. Additionally, in some other states, you will be liable to pay a fine or even face jail for fleeing.

2. Admitting Fault

You should never, under any circumstance whatsoever, admit fault. Regardless of whether you are still at the scene or while recording a statement to the police, and especially not to the other party’s insurance company. 

Human beings are wired in such a way that it can be tempting to issue an apology in the heat of the moment. Sometimes we do that even when we are not at fault. Keep in mind that establishing responsibility is the work of law enforcement, and keep your mouth glued shut. You should exercise your Miranda rights and only speak to your attorney in confidence.

3. Talking to an Insurance Adjuster

Insurance adjusters have a reputation for being conniving. If an insurer reaches out to you to give a statement, do not. Understand that you have a right not to utter a word to them before you’ve spoken with your appointed legal counsel. Be even more evasive if the insurer represents the other party. 

Insurance adjusters do not care for your interests. In fact, it would suit them better to pay you as little money as possible. Additionally, anything you say to them will definitely be used against you.

4. Refusing Medical Attention

You may at first not feel like anything is amiss right after an accident. This is normal. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are fine. It could be the adrenaline masking potentially more profound injuries. In the long run, these injuries could worsen. 

In addition, refusing medical treatment could end up being what prevents you from receiving a personal injury settlement. A medical practitioner should administer first aid with immediate effect to all parties in the accident. Therefore, no matter how minor the injury is, always accept the medical check-up.

5. Not Informing Relevant Authorities

Regardless of how the accident plays out, it is mandatory to inform relevant authorities to file an accident report. Police officers are under obligation to physically report to the scene—failure may lead to contamination of evidence. 

The authorities’ presence is necessary to avoid leaving room for disputes arising from differing witness statements. Police reports also speed up some processes and secure documentation and evidence in the long run. So, if you want to receive total compensation in the end, ensure you follow protocol.

Speak to a Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents are always a nuisance. Not only do they wreak havoc, but they also bring unwanted stress. The information in this article on the things you should not do after an accident should hopefully help you do your due diligence. Get help from a personal injury lawyer and ease your stress. Most consultations are free, anyway!

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