5 Must Have PR Tools

Many PR professionals and agencies use PR tools. PR tools exist to help you with your PR objectives, mainly to execute your PR campaigns. PR tools are the shortcut to efficiency in expenses and better results. You can maximise PR tools to generate your business’ brand awareness. Also, through PR tools, you can measure the performance of your PR campaigns.

Google Alerts

Google has various tools that help you analyse and gain data regarding marketing, SEO, and PR. Google Alerts is an indispensable tool for PR. Google Alerts is a free and easy-to-use tool used by a PR agency Singapore or other countries. You just need to set up an email on google alerts with specific keyword mentions. Google will send you an alert once the keyword is mentioned online.


Another tool that can help you to get notifications about your brand’s mention is a tool called Mention. Mention is a tool that will help you track down who mentions your brand in the digital world. You can use Mention to create content and publish it directly on your social media. Mention can also help you get connected with your audiences. Mention gives you choices of free or paid subscriptions.

A common use case of Mention is when a fintech PR agency tracks mention of a fintech service related to their clients in media or social media.

PR Fire

Different from the other tools, PR Fire is a subscription-based tool that helps you distribute your press release to reporters, journalists, and other media outlets. You will receive reports about the effectiveness of each of these outlets in delivering your press release and achieving your goals. You should consider this tool if your company has an in-house PR department.


Another tool you can use as a PR tool is a tool provided by Twitter. It’s called TweetDeck, and you can use it for free. This tool will help you monitor any Twitter activity related to your brand. You can plan Twitter streams and get notifications for specific keywords, accounts, trends, or other filters. PR professionals from a communications agency like to use TweetDeck to help them gain attention for their clients in the Twitter world.


SharedCount is a tool that will help you gather engagement data for any social media, blog, or website URL. It is beneficial for PR because it will help you analyse the partner you will collaborate with and explore a campaign’s success through the data. It is easy to use. You just need to input a URL. The tool will elaborate on the data, such as its likes, shares, comments, and other engagement measures. SharedCount is available through paid or free subscriptions.

Create a clear goal for your business and make good use of these PR tools, and you will be able to execute your PR campaigns efficiently. Doing a PR might sound easy. However, it is far more than that. Before running a certain PR campaign, you have to understand your target market, the goal, your products and use the available resources to research or obtain data.

These PR tools are available for you to use. After planning the strategic PR campaign, you have to evaluate whether it is successful. PR tools are helpful for this. Besides being a source to collect data, PR tools will be beneficial for you to assess the campaign.

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