5 Great Ways of Making Extra Money

Is your current paycheck lacking in funds? If you’re not able to find another job that pays more, perhaps you’re interested in picking up a side gig to have extra cash flow. We’ve put together a few suggestions on how to make your wallet fuller.

Delivery Services

In today’s day and age, delivery services are thriving. With more people opting to eat at home or just wanting to avoid the lines at the grocery store, they are opting for paying people to bring these items to them. You can make a decent chunk of change by becoming a food delivery driver either through a local business or through more widely known companies such as DoorDash or UberEats. You can also deliver groceries to people through services such as Shipt or InstaCart. Not to mention, people usually tip well!

Invest in Real Estate

With the current housing market booming, everyone is trying to get their hands on real estate. Purchasing real estate and flipping properties to make them more desirable and profitable can equal big bucks. While you may need a crash course in how to do this, once you get started you won’t regret it. Start by searching for properties such as Memphis houses for sale or in an area near you to see what’s available in your area.

Social Media Influencer

You’re most likely already involved in the social media scene. If so, you might as well start making money on it. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have caused some to quit their jobs and focus full time on being an influencer. Categories like home decor, fashion, cookware, and many others are just some that can land you a few deals.

Pet Sitting

Are you a lover of furry friends? Pet sitting may be the way you can earn extra cash and play with puppies at the same time. How awesome does that sound? Pet sitting not quite your thing? Pet owners also pay people to walk their dogs!


There are many items you can rent nowadays. From your house, to your car, or to old baby items you’re just not quite ready to get rid of yet because “well maybe one day.” Earning a few extra dollars on things you’re not quite using all of the time can be your way to collect anywhere from ten to hundreds of dollars per day depending on what you’re able to rent.

Now that you know how to bring home some extra money, think of where that money can be used. Perhaps you’re not wanting more things but are just looking for a way to stop stressing about just barely making ends meet. You’d be surprised about all the different ways you can make a few extra bucks.

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