5 Best Sailboats Under $20,000

Are you looking for unique sailboats on a budget? On the used market, you can get a professionally fitted and good dinghy for less than $20,000. The majority of these sloops are made of fiberglass.

1. West Wight Potter 19

The West Wight Potter 19 is a sloop with a V-bottom and a centerboard that has a fiberglass hull.

It’s a rugged coastal and inland cruiser with the potential to head out to sea on occasion.

It has a split galley in the middle with a stove and sink, as well as the room below for you.

2. Contessa 26

Contessa 26 was first produced in 1966, but the layout dates back far further. It’s a fast boat seen at long-distance regattas like the singlehanded TransPac from San Francisco to Hawaii. The Contessa 26’s rooms are excellent for their size, and it comfortably sleeps one to five adults.

3. Catalina 30

A long fin keel and a 5.25-foot draught distinguish Catalina 30 sailboats. Onboard, the cabins are fantastic. On the used market, an excellent used Catalina 30 costs between $10,000 and $15,000. Since 1972, more than 6,000 sailboats have been completed, making it one of the most famous sailboats ever.

4. Islander 28

Launched in 1975, the Islander 28 is an affordable and well-handling sailboat with a reputation for durability and seaworthiness. It’s a masthead sloop with a spade rudder and a fin keel and displaces 7,000 lbs. A decent used fully-equipped islander 28 can be found for less than $20,000 on the used market.

5. Compac 23

The total length of the Compac 23 sailboat is just about 24 feet. Its proportions make it stable and easy to manage, and it doesn’t heel too much. A separate galley with a sink and stove, chairs, and a V-berth are all featured on the interior.

6. Cal 25

Between 1965 and 1976, the Cal 25 was manufactured. Many of the original 1,848 Cal 25 sailboats are still in good working order. The vessel is 25 feet long overall and 20 feet long at the waterline. The cockpit is prominent for its size, and the cabin has plenty of headroom. The Cal 25 is an excellent sailboat for winter storage and summer use, with the mast collapsed.

7. Catalina 22

The majority of Catalina 22 sailboats have a retractable swing keel, making them completely tailorable. The Catalina 22 sleeps four adults comfortably, but five can be accommodated if the crew is okay for a more compact layout. The pop-top, which is reminiscent of a camper, offers standing headroom over the galley and part of the settee.


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