4 Quick Tips for Choosing a Smartwatch

If you want a quick tip that what are the best smartwatches are the ones that are compatible with your smartphone and meet your needs. If you need a little more detail, then below is everything you need to know before buying a smartwatch.

If you don’t have time to read everything, then here’s a quick cheat sheet for you. Run through the most important things to know before buying a smartwatch:

  • Don’t buy a smartwatch without making sure it works correctly with your smartphone. For example, Apple Watch only works with iPhone. Google’s Wear OS platform and Huawei smartwatch 2will work with both Android phones and iPhones, but with fewer features than most compatible Android devices.
  • Choose a watch with a heart rate sensor and GPS (for tracking your runs) if you’re a fitness lover.
  • Pay attention to the nominal battery life. Hybrid smartwatches, which are more like analog devices, tend to have the longest battery life, but they usually don’t have touch screens.
  • Make sure the buckle or buckle of the strap is easy to use and easy to change. Also make sure it is easy to find a replacement strap.
  • The choice of apps is an asset, but not nearly as important as compatibility, design, and other features.


Almost all smartwatches currently available use a color LCD or AMOLED display, which allows you to view photos, apps, and other content in richer, more vibrant colors. This is achieved through shorter battery life, despite the fact that smartwatch manufacturers are constantly improving the efficiency of devices.

Color displays use so much power that many watches themselves turn off their screens while they are idle, so you can’t even see the time without waking up the device.

Interface: buttons vs touchscreen

At first glance, opting for a touchscreen in your smartwatch seems like a done deal. However, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate elements on a small touchscreen, and some of the gesture-based interfaces are not intuitive. Wear OS solves this problem by presenting card-based notifications that can be easily dismissed with a single tap, but it takes a lot of swipes to access other apps and options in apps. The latest update allows you to switch between cards with a single flick of your hand.

With its watch, Apple has taken a combined approach, offering a touchscreen display as well as a digital crown and side button on the right side. You can use the crown to quickly increase content or to scroll, and the screen uses Force Touch, which knows the difference between a tap and a long press. Pressing the side button will take you to the dock of frequently used applications.

Design and personalization

The best smartwatches offer a choice of straps and / or replacement options. This is important if you want to personalize the look of your device.

Most smartwatches today come with a variety of customization options before purchasing. For example, you can choose the color and material of the strap, as well as the front color, piping and size.

Keep in mind that comfort goes a long way, as does the ease with which you can attach the watch to your wrist. We would definitely avoid any smartwatch with bulky clasps that take too much effort to open and close. Fortunately, most new watches use standard buckles.

Notifications and alerts

Any good smartwatch will alert you to incoming calls, emails and text messages with intense vibration on your wrist, helping you discreetly check if it’s worth answering right now. But it is also advisable to look for a device with social networking integration for notifications from sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Make sure you can quickly check all of your most recent notifications, even if you missed them the first time you sign in. For example, the Apple Watch lets you swipe down from the top of the screen to see the Action Center, while Wear OS lets you swipe up from the bottom to see your recent messages. The Modern Coffer of Information

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