4 Panerai Watches That Are Iconic For Underwater Adventures

We’ve grown accustomed to today’s overachieving smartwatches that we’ve forgotten that timepieces are extremely delicate and precise tools. Many men seek and frequently purchase diving watches, yet only a small percentage of them are used for their original purpose. Diver’s watches can be wet and weigh a ton while still looking professional in more formal settings. It’s crucial to know which diver’s watches have made it to the top if you’re hunting for one.

Imagine a tiny network of gears and springs that works flawlessly while being protected from the ocean’s constant pressure and surrounded by an infinite amount of water. Watchmakers have been aiming to make timepieces function in places they probably shouldn’t. One of these iconic timepieces is the Panerai. Panerai created the Radiomir, a big cushion-cased watch designed for lengthy periods underwater and worn by divers in the Italian Royal Navy.

1. Underwater Military Watch

The Regia Marina (the Royal Italian Navy) hired Officine Panerai as its official watchmaker during World War II. They dedicated themselves to developing a timepiece that would fulfill the needs of the Italian Frogmen: expert divers who undertake operations late at night, sneaking into enemy territory at the request of the navy in 1935.

They set out to design the ideal dive watch, one with a large face for maximum visibility, readability in the darkest conditions, and, most significantly, waterproofness. The name originated from the radium-based powder that illuminates the numbers and markings. Panerai began mass-producing the Radiomir two years later, and it is now regarded as the first underwater military watch.

2. Submersible PAM 682

Early Panerai watches paved the groundwork for the modern diver, but they lacked the pivoting bezel that current divers require. The Submersible corrects this while maintaining the brand’s signature Luminor shape, which includes a locking crown guard that protects it from knocks when immersed. The watch is powered by the P.9010 automatic movement, which has a three-day power reserve and water resistance of  300m. 

3. Luminor Marina PAM00510

The Luminor Marina PAM00510 is a hand-wound movement that has an eight-day power reserve. Panerai had eight-day power reserve timepieces as early as the 1940s/1950s, and this is the current counterpart of the antique Panerai watches. The Panerai PAM00510 is equipped with a sporty black rubber strap that proudly displays the Panerai brand. The watch’s 300-meter water resistance, combined with the waterproof band, makes it an excellent partner for some serious summer fun in the sun and sea.

4. Luminor 1950 Submersible PAM00243

The automated Panerai Luminor 1950 Submersible PAM00243 is water-resistant to 1000 meters and comes with a Helium Escape Valve. The 44mm steel case features the curvier “Luminor 1950s” case silhouette, but it is substantially bulkier to fit the HEV and to endure the pressure when diving. The PAM00243 comes with an accordion-style waterproof rubber strap for maximum flexibility. Furthermore, the presentation box includes an extra fabric strap as well as all of the equipment needed to switch straps quickly.

The Anatomy of a Great Diving Watch

Diver watches come in a variety of brands and designs, some items resemble diving watches, but they are not designed for use in the water. ISO 6425, the standard for diving watches, must be met by a true dive watch. The following are the properties of a dive watch as described by the standard:

1. Resistant to water

Dive watches should be waterproof to a depth of at least 100 meters and depending on how advanced the dive watch is, it can be water-resistant to 200 meters or more. This water resistance is necessary to prevent water from leaking into the watch. 

2. Readability

Because of the variety of underwater conditions, including murkiness and low or no light, a dive watch should be easy to read. Dive watches often have only three hands to make time and other information easier to read because of the non-radioactive luminescent material, the hour markers, and hands’ glow.

3. A Strong Movement

Silicon is used to make the dive watch light, shock-resistant, and durable. It also contributes to the movement’s reliability and consistency. The design isn’t as crucial as the simplicity and robustness.

4. Rotating Bezel

The bezel shows how long you’ve been underwater and, in some dive watch models, how deep you’ve gone. Before entering the water, the bezel is rotated and the pointer is aligned with the minute hand. The latter will move during the dive and tell you how long you’ve been in the water.

5. Durable Strap

Stainless steel or rubber straps are commonly used on dive watches because they are most suited to seawater and can tolerate pressure, direct sunshine, and humidity. 

6. The Case

The case of the dive watch should be strong enough to withstand prolonged exposure to saltwater. The watch is protected by the case, which keeps water out.


Panerai’s products are of high quality and these are top-of-the-line items for me.  Even the ones that use provided ETA movements are of superior grade. Panerai adjusts and polishes the movements to a high level of perfection. The basic dials are beautiful and made of high-quality materials. 

Whether you choose a manual or automatic version, the dressier Luminor Marina style, or the more robust Luminor Submersible dive watch, the allure of the Panerai Luminor is undeniable. The Italian navy entrusted Panerai with producing underwater timepieces, which is one of the most fascinating stories in the world of watchmaking, in my opinion. Sly Stallone was fascinated with the watch design, which was only available to the military at the time, and eventually used one in a film. Its massive, dominating size drew him in.

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