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3 Ways To Transform a Room With Removable Wallpaper

Self-adhesive wallpapers are the game changers of interior design. Unlike traditional wallpaper, they are easier to install and more affordable to buy. What’s more, there is a wide range of removable wallpaper designs for every room, season, trend, and personal preference.

When less is more

Peel-and-stick wallpapers are – in many factors – less than the conventional types. They are less difficult to install, less costly, and less messy to deal with. But in many ways, they are also more – more convenient, more versatile, and more choices of design available. Homeowners can easily put up – and take down – these wallpapers, and paradoxically, this transient character is what made them mainstays of home design.

When change is constant

If you’re a soldier of the DIY revolution, you’ll find these peel-and-stick wallpapers very convenient for your next room makeover project. Below are some of the best ideas to spruce up any space.

1. Go bold with colour blocks.

Colour blocking may largely be used in the fashion world, but this innovative ingenious style is predominant in home design. Colour blocking is a great way to add character to a bland room. It pairs two contrasting colours to create interesting views, usually with bright tones and clean geometric cuts.

There are endless designs to make with this technique. You can place the wallpaper halfway up the wall, in triangular shapes, a floor to ceiling rectangle in solid colour, and so much more. Some designers completely cover one side of a room with a different wallpaper than the rest. This creates a minimal yet fun ambience in a room.

2. Large prints in small sections

Putting up wallpaper does not always mean one has to cover the whole wall. Wallpapers with bigger and bolder patterns sometimes overwhelm a space when completely covering the whole span of the walls. While wallpaper prints are gorgeous, you may defeat the purpose of showcasing its design – and the room’s character – by overdoing it.

One good tip is to install large prints in sections, meaning only a fraction of the wall is covered by the wallpaper. This method works best for rooms with picture rails or panels with appropriate dimensions, where the wallpaper can be installed above. Cityscapes, maps, and other large floral, ocean, and images of nature make interesting prints for sectioned wallpaper.

3. Your art on the walls

As if removable wallpaper cannot be more innovative, this wall covering method has something in store for creatives – especially digital artists. They can have their design, artworks, and photographs printed into sheets of wallpaper they can put up in any room they desire. As long as these images meet the ideal resolution, which is usually 300 DPI, they can personalise their homes to the next level.

Custom design wallpaper is very helpful outside home decor as well. Businesses can use them as a tool for branding by printing designs that incorporate their logo and other representations. Since these wallpaper types are easy to install and take down, they can use them for long-term promotions and advertisements for a more secure setting.

There are many other design techniques you can do with affordable, easy-to-install, removable wallpapers. These are just the most on-trend and designer-approved styles. These wallpapers are so versatile that DIY enthusiasts do not need to follow trends at all. They can decorate their rooms with any design they want – and as often as they like too!

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