3 Tips to Choose the Best Chair Covers for Your Wedding Day

Seating is the most important aspect of hosting your wedding event. Then, you also need to decorate your wedding day chairs to add some color and character to your special occasion. That is why you need colorful, patterned chair covers to high old, unattractive chairs on your big day. You will find wedding chair covers in various shapes, styles, colors, and sizes. With numerous option, making the right choice become a tad challenging.

According to an article published in Forbes, based on The Knot’s wedding survey in 2015, the cost of modern weddings is more than $36,000. As chairs matter a lot at wedding receptions, here are three tips to pick out the best chair covers for your big day:

1. Choose the right chair model

Before shopping for covers, find out what chair model you own or what the venue will provide. To make your job easier, here are the popular kinds of chair models:

Chiavari chairs: These chairs are also called Tiffany chairs and quite stylish and popular when it comes to wedding events. These chairs are extremely beautiful and when paired with attractive covers, the seats become showstoppers for your wedding reception as well as sweetheart tables.

Banquet chairs: These are very popular in the event planning sector. You will find these chairs in hotel wedding receptions, halls, and even restaurants. You will find them in round tops, square tops, crown tops, though the rounds are most popular. Therefore, look for chair covers based on the chair models.

Folding chairs: These chairs provide a casual seating style and come in different varieties. The folding feature makes these chairs easy to move. These chairs are also quite budget-friendly. If your wedding reception is hosted in a bucolic environment such as an outdoor garden or a barn, then opt for folding chairs and adorn them with beautiful covers for a more sophisticated look.

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2. Colors for your chair covers

Choose colors based on the theme of your wedding. The perfect color scheme based on the theme will match your chair décor. You can opt for primary colors, base colors, or accent shades. You also need to decide on the color of your chair colors depending on the overall style, motif, and ambiance of your wedding venue, reception, or ballroom.

Some people also factor in attire and choose chair colors accordingly, especially the bride and the groom. That is because the colors of chair covers play a significant role in offering charm and elegance when well-matched with your event decoration.

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3. Chair style

Chair styling is an essential factor to consider when you look for covers. Once you adorn chairs with beautiful covers, there are interesting ways to dress the chairs up on your big day. For spandex and polyester covers, you may add chair bands, sashes, brooches, curly willow caps, rhinestone clips, and more to perk up your wedding event chairs. For Chiavari chairs, you can add greenery or floral accents.


Keep these tips in mind to choose the best-looking, gorgeous chair covers for your special day. Decorate with sashes, brooches, bands, or rhinestone clips.

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